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A scanner is a radio receiver that can automatically tune, or scan, two or more frequencies, stopping when it finds a signal on one of them and then continuing to scan other frequencies when the initial transmission ceases. In this way it is possible to program in multiple frequencies used by a variety of agencies and businesses and monitor their radio transmissions. One minute you could be listening the NSW Ambulance Service rushing to save a life and then the next minute you may be listening to NSW Police, such is the diversity of the hobby.

Contrary to widespread belief, scanning is perfectly legal. However, you should not use information obtained from listening for commercial gain or criminal activity. Monitoring phone conversations on your scanner is also forbidden. Apart from that, you can pretty well scan as you please, though discretion is advised when using scanners in public. Being an 'emergency services' chaser and turning up at accident scenes, hindering emergency services is an extremely foolish and inappropriate thing to do.

Genuine scanner enthusiasts don't want to give politicians an excuse to ban or restrict the hobby, as has occurred in other countries. 

In Canberra most emergency services and some government agencies use the Trunked Radio Network (TRN) which is digital using APCO25. 

This network of radio sites is linked together to form a voice, data and paging network. With the use of a 'trunk-tracking' capable scanner you can monitor transmissions on the network from users right around the state (with the exception of the AFP, ACT Urban Firies and ACT Ambo who use radios with encryption turned on)

Sit back and enjoy your listening experience...